Finn Dochhan

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»Lux Aeterna« – Concept for an ARG

»Lux Aeterna« is the concept for an Alternate Reality Game that takes the player into a transmedial world of oppression, intrigues and dark secrets. Together with Adam and Anna they discover the truth about a dubious hospital for mentally ill people and an unexpected family secret from years ago ...

Young consumers have become information hunters and gatherers, taking pleasure in tracking down character backgrounds and plot points and making connections between different texts within the same franchise.

Henry Jenkins, Media Scientist at the MIT

The media world finds itself in a shifting situation. Traditional boundaries between different media channels and platforms are less and less existent (media convergence). The transmedial approach adopts this development by combining linear, social & interactive media. Stories are being told through different media formats and platforms where the recipients become active or passive co-creators.

In winter term 2013/14 the students of the masters programme ‘Leadership in the Creative Industries’ at the media faculty of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt developed different projects that deal with this topic.

The underlying concept of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) is transmedia storytelling. Elements of the story are delivered through different channels such as websites, TV shows, newspaper articles, short message services, blogs and (more and more popular during the last years due to its viral factors) social media networks. The role of the player is “to collaborate to uncover clues and plot points, solve puzzles, create content, converse with and rescue characters.” (Dena 2008). Some famous examples of ARGs are ‘The Beast’ (2001), ‘I Love Bees’ (2004) or ‘Why so serious?’ (2007/08).

Player interaction